Cave, The


Deep beneath the surface in the Syrian province of Ghouta, a group of female doctors have established an underground field hospital. Under the supervision of paediatrician Dr. Amani and her staff of doctors and nurses, hope is restored for some of the thousands of children and civilian victims of the ruthless Syrian civil war.

Theatrical Release Date

Friday, November 01, 2019
Original Languages: Arabic
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 107
Year: 2019
Status: Completed


Amani Ballour
Salim Namour
Feras Fayyad



Al Ghouta, Syria - Dr. Amani (R) treats an injured baby amongst other medical staff and victims. (National Geographic)
Idlib, Syria - Feras shooting in Idlib, Syria. (National Geographic)
Al Ghouta, Syria - Dr. Amani (R) waits with others during the evacuation. (National Geographic)
Al Ghouta, Syria - Injured girl (center) in the hospital after treatment. (National Geographic)
Al Ghouta, Syria - Nurse Samaher (center) in the operation room. (National Geographic)
Al Ghouta, Syria - Dr. Amani in the underground tunnels. (Photo credit: National Geographic)
Al Ghouta, Syria - Dr Amani covers her ears during nearby bombings. (National Geographic)
Al Ghouta, Syria - Dust and debris fill the air during an attack outside the entrance to the hospital. (National Geographic)