Name Year Director Languages Genre
Animal Kingdom, The 2023 Thomas Cailley French Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Anselm 2023 Wim Wenders German, English
Beyond Utopia 2023 Madeleine Gavin English/Korean Documentary
Carlos (2023) 2023 Rudy Valdez English
Close to You 2023 Dominic Savage English
Compassionate Spy, A 2022 Steve James English
Deliver Us 2023 Lee Roy Kunz, Cru Ennis English
Feeling That The Time For Doing Something Has Passed, The 2023 Joanna Arnow English
Four Daughters 2023 Kaouther Ben Hania Arabic Drama
Freud's Last Session 2023 Matthew Brown
Hands that Bind 2021 Kyle Armstrong Drama
How to Have Sex 2023 Molly Manning Walker English
Joan Baez I Am A Noise 2023 Karen O'Connor, Miri Navasky, Maeve O'Boyle English Documentary
June Zero 2022 Jake Paltrow Hebrew / Arabic History, Drama
Kidnapped 2023 Marco Bellocchio Italian
Kokomo City D. Smith English Comedy, Documentary
Little Prayer, A 2023 Angus MacLachlan English
My Neighbor Adolf 2022 Leon Prudovsky
Passages Ira Sachs
Persian Version, The Maryam Keshavarz English and Farsi Drama, Comedy
Pot-au-feu, The 2023 Tran Anh Hung French Drama
Promised Land, The 2023 Nikolaj Arcel Danish
Shayda 2023 Noora Niasari Persian/English
Shortcomings 2023 Randall Park Comedy, Documentary
Sleep 2023 Jason Yu Korean
Stones And Brian Jones, The 2023 Nick Broomfield English
Strange Way of Life Pedro Almodovar English GLBT, Western
Teachers' Lounge, The 2023 İlker Çatak German
The Delinquents 2023 Rodrigo Moreno Spanish
They Shot the Piano Player 2023 Fernando Treuba , Javier Mariscal
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