Simon Killer

A FILM BY Antonio Campos

Campos? Paris-set character study builds a quiet, creeping sense of menace, with a courageously unsympathetic performance from Corbet at its icy heart.
-Total Film


A heartbroken American on a soul-searching trip to Paris finds his buried secrets clawing their way to the surface in this neo-noir thriller from writer/director Antonio Campos (Afterschool). Lovelorn in the aftermath of a recent break-up with his longtime girlfriend, American college graduate Simon (Brady Corbet) wanders the streets of Paris aimlessly, and drifts into a sex parlor where he encounters mysterious prostitute Victoria (Mati Diop). His emotions suddenly reawakened, Simon hatches a plan to blackmail one of her wealthy clients -- a crime that has some unexpected repercussions for all involved.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English, French
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Running Time: 101 min.
Year: 2012


Brady Corbet
Constance Rousseau
Nicolas Ronchi
Lila Salet
Mati Diop
Antonio Campos