5 to 7

A FILM BY Victor Levin

Courageously sentimental in an age of irony, Victor Levin’s refreshingly articulate “5 to 7” delivers romance of the sort thought lost since the days of Audrey Hepburn, for those who appreciate such finery.
-Peter Debruge, Variety


20-something aspiring writer Brian enters into a passionate love affair with a glamorous French woman. The catch? She's married, and can only meet him for brief trysts in fancy Manhattan hotels. Co-starring Frank Langella, Glenn Close, and Olivia Thirlby, this sexy romantic romp captures the giddy thrill of being young and in love.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English, French
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Running Time: 95 min.
Year: 2014


Olivia Thirlby
Bérénice Marlohe
Anton Yelchin
Victor Levin