Yacoubian Building, The

A FILM BY Marwan Hamed

One of the foreign language hits of the year.
-Jack Foley, IndieLondon.co.uk
Nothing short of groundbreaking.
-Lael Loewenstein, LOS ANGELES TIMES
It is as sprawling as the land of the pyramids and as universal as vaudeville.
... revolutionary in the context of Egyptian cinema.
-Deborah Young, VARIETY
Quatre Étoiles - "Remarquable!"
Un chef-doeuvre du cinéma arabe. Les images sont magnifiques!
Une fascinante fresque! Une heureuse découverte!
Un tour de force.


The Yacoubian Building in Cairo, a monument to a bygone era, is still an eye-catching construction despite obvious signs of decay. The film portrays the lives its residents. One is the aristocratic Zaki, a lazy man living of family wealth with a weakness for women. A neighbor, Bothayna, is a poor young girl, is obliged to sleep with the owner of the shop where she works in order to feed her family and even has to sacrifices the love of her life to that end. Taha, a young man at a crossroads, has developed a troubling interest in Muslim extremism and as a result has his dream of attending the police academy thwarted. Hatem is a respected newspaper editor who has a dangerous secret -- he's gay, and is romantically involved with young soldier. And atop everyone else are Fanous and Malak, living in a hut on the roof that doubles as the laundry facilities. Different people and different stories, all detached from each other, with only one thing bringing them together... the Yacoubian...

Theatrical Release Date

Friday, August 10, 2007
Original Languages: Arabic
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 161 min.
Year: 2006


Adel Imam
Essad Youniss
Hend Sabri
Nour El-Sherif
Marwan Hamed


Hend Sabri as Bothayna (Right) and Adel Imam as Zaki (Left).
Essad Youniss as Dawlat El Dessouki (Left) and Adel Imam as Zaki El Dessouki (Right).
Hend Sabri as Bothayna (Left) and Ahmed Bedir as Malaak (Right).
Khaled El Sawy as Hateem Rachid (Left) and Bassem Samra as Abd Raboh (Right).
Mohamed Iman as Taha (Left) and Hend Sabri as Bothayna (Right).