Heros de la famille, Le (Family Hero, The)

A FILM BY Thierry Klifa

Lensing is classy, and the musical numbers are surprisingly touching.
-Lisa Nesselson, VARIETY
...the actors in Family Hero shine and shimmer as brightly as the azure waters that surround them...
Émmanuelle Béart est incroyable en chanteuse sexy et glamour !
Catherine Deneuve livre une interprétation hilarante ! Un film truculent.
Une distribution de rêve !


Cabaret owner Gabriel dies unexpectedly and his absent children make the trek from Paris to Nice to attend the funeral. Friends, lovers and former wives (including Catherine Deneuve) are equally grief-stricken and curious about what Gabriel left behind. The reading of the will results in a bombshell: Gabriel has unexpectedly left the Blue Parrot Cabaret to his completely uninterested children, rather than to his devoted friend. He’s also left strict instructions that the show must go on; the dysfunctional family must keep the Blue Parrot running!

Theatrical Release Date

Friday, August 03, 2007
Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 103 min.
Year: 2006


Catherine Deneuve
Gérard Lavin
Emmanuelle Béart
Thierry Klifa


Valerie Lemercier as Pamela.
Gérard Lanvin as Nicky Guazzini (Left), Nino Bensalemas as Michael Cohen (Right).
Nino Bensalemas as Michael Cohen (Left) and Miou Miou as Simone Garcia (Right)
Claude Brasseur as Gabriel/Gabrielle Stern.
Géraldine Pailhas as Marianne Bensalem (Left), Nino Bensalemas as Michael Cohen (Centre), and Gérard Lanvin as Nicky Guazzini (Right).