Tale, The

A FILM BY Jennifer Fox


A globetrotting journalist living in New York City, Jennifer effortlessly balances work and life with her boyfriend Martin. Until the day her mother Nettie finds a ‘story’ Jennifer wrote at age 13, describing a sexual triangle with two adult coaches, named Bill and Mrs. G. Realizing that “The Tale” must be true, Nettie confronts her daughter. But when Jennifer reads the pages from her past, the details are different than her recollection. Shaken to her core, Jennifer decides to track down the two coaches and everyone connected to “The Tale” now. But it’s not until the voice of 13-year-old Jenny surfaces that the shocking truth emerges. An investigative thriller into the recesses of one woman’s mind, THE TALE jumps between past and present, gathering speed to an explosive climax to reveal how our memories are little more than stories we tell ourselves to survive.

Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Drama

Year: 2017


Laura Dern
Elizabeth Debicki
Ellen Burstyn
Jason Ritter
John Heard
Jennifer Fox