A FILM BY Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter

A visual treat! An ambitious and clever space mystery.
-James Skipp, Total SciFi Online
Impressive! Reminiscent of Alien, Sunshine, The Matrix...
-Dennis Harvey, Variety
It has the raw sci-fi appeal of Moon, the claustrophobic atmosphere of Alien and the terror of Sunshine all rolled into one.
-Geek Syndicate


In the 23rd century a devastating ecological collapse has forced Earth's inhabitants into overcrowded, disease-ridden space stations. Their only hope of escape is Rhea, a blissful yet expensive-to-reach planet five light years away. Hoping to fund a trip to Rhea and reunite with her family, Dr. Laura Portmann takes up employment on the cargo freighter Kassandra. But when a member of the ship's crew is inexplicably murdered, Laura and the rest of the team begin to uncover the horrifying truth behind the mysterious cargo bay.

Release Date

Original Languages: German
Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 112 min.
Year: 2009


Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter