Puffy Chair, The

A fresh, funny, clear-eyed and involving film about coming to grips with adulthood.
-Glenn Whipp, Los Angeles Daily News
Blew me away!
-Ain't It Cool News
-Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun Times
Smart and laugh out loud funny!
-Scott Foundas, Variety
The hippest, funniest, twentysomething relationship drama of the year...
-David Edwards, Daily mirror
The zaniness of the Coens, the insight of the Wachowskis and the comedic spark of the Farrellys.
-Phil Villarreal, Arizona Daily Star


After failing as both a NYC indie rocker and a booking agent, Josh's life is pretty much in the toilet. When he tries to figure out where it all went wrong, he comes up with an idea that would be a small yet life changing victory. He decides to buy a 1985 Lazy Boy on EBay, just like the one from his childhood living room, and deliver it cross-country to his Dad as a surprise birthday gift. Things get complicated when both Josh’s long-term girlfriend and his eccentric brother ask to join him on the adventure. It quickly becomes three very different people and a giant purple puffy chair in a too-small van, and one of them has to go before the trip ends.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 85 min.
Year: 2005


Mark Duplass
Kathryn Aselton
Jay Duplass


Josh and Emily
Josh and Emily face to face
Josh and Emily in bed.
Mark Duplass as Josh.