Right of the Weakest, The (La Raison du plus faible)

A FILM BY Lucas Belvaux

... an involving and nail-biting thriller.
Consistently engaging account of decent folks scraping by in a former steel town builds suspense with a keen eye and a sharp ear for the pride of workers who no longer have work.
-Lisa Nesselson, VARIETY
4 Étoiles
3 1/2 Étoiles
Un excellent drame (...), portée par une distribution impeccable. Un film important.
Un film puissant et extrêmement bien joué.


It's the story of people who have nothing anymore. No work, no hope, no future, and who cling to their memories and the lies of the past. It's the story of three men who dream that something is still possible, in spite of everything. It's the story of men who take up arms to go and find money where it lies, in other men's pockets because they feel they have a right to it! A story without good guys and bad guys. A story of the weak and the strong. In which all the characters have their reasons, in which they all pick sides. It's a story in which some will die while others will survive but which will leave no one unscathed. In the decaying industrial town of Liege, Belgium, three men dream of escape from their endless days of drudgery and of buying a moped for their friend's wife. They decide to organize a large-scale hold-up. As expected, nothing goes to plan.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 116 min.
Year: 2006


Lucas Belvaux
Claude Semal
Eric Caravaca
Natacha Régnier
Patrick Descamps
Lucas Belvaux