Edge of 17

A FILM BY David Moreton

... a sparkling debut film...
...an extremely complex, layered work...
Has a winning empathy and observant sense of the Midwestern locale which bring(s) freshness...


In the summer of 1984, Eric Hunter (Chris Stafford) is heading towards his senior year in high school working in the fast food restaurant at the local amusement park. He and his best friend Maggie (Tina Holmes) bus tables in their ugly brown polyester uniforms along with handsome Ohio State hotel-management student Rod (Andersen Gabrych). As Rod casts his baby-blue eyes at Eric, Eric finds it increasingly difficult not to flirt back. Bit by bit, Eric begins using the clothes, attitude and even the hair products of the era to express the new person he is becoming. His family and friends don't understand, but his new friends, including bar owner Angie (Lea DeLaria), help him through his life-changing summer with honest advice and a lot of laughs.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama, GLBT
Running Time: 99 min.
Year: 1998


Andersen Gabrych
Chris Stafford
Tina Holmes
David Moreton