Rebellion (L'ordre et la morale)

A FILM BY Mathieu Kassovitz

Kassovitz, who also stars as Legorjus, takes a limited budget and works wonders.
-Glued to the Seat
Le cinéaste a retrouvé le meilleur de lui-même. Ce n'est d'ailleurs pas un hasard si le film commence et finit avec le même style de plan que dans "La Haine", dont il a conservé la force et la puissance.
-Le Journal du Dimanche


A man struggles to defuse an explosive situation with tragic results in this riveting drama based on actual events. In 1988, France was wracked with political division. After a band of separatists seize a police station, twenty-six officers are taken hostage and three are killed. A counter-terrorism expert is assigned to deal with the situation, and while a peaceful solution at first seems possible, political forces soon necessitate more aggressive options.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama, Action, History
Running Time: 136 min.
Year: 2011


Mathieu Kassovitz
Iabe Lapacas
Malik Zidi
Mathieu Kassovitz