My Mother Likes Women

A FILM BY Daniela Feijerman


MY MOTHER LIKES WOMEN is a staccato-paced comedy about three sisters whose lives are thrown off-kilter by their mother's sudden sexual awakening. Sofia, (Rosa Maria Sarda from All About My Mother), a renowned pianist, is long separated from the daughters' father. It is on the occasion of her birthday that she delivers a stunning announcement: she has fallen in love again. Clearly smitten, she begins to describe her new lover: somewhat younger... also a pianist. The daughters, thrilled and eager to hear more, are interrupted by the doorbell. A woman walks in... The daring feature debut of Spanish directors Ines Paris and Daniela Fejerman, MY MOTHER LIKES WOMEN traces the emotional landscape of a "modern" family that nevertheless registers seismic shock at this unexpected news. Sofia's daughters are the children of left-wing intellectuals. Yet, even their progressive background hasn't prepared them for the emotions they are about to experience.

Original Languages: Spanish / Czech
Genre: Comedy, Drama, GLBT, World Cinema
Running Time: 96 min.
Year: 2002


Leonor Watling
María Pujalte
Rosa Maria Sardà
Daniela Feijerman