Spare Parts (2003)

A FILM BY Damjan Kozole

One of the most powerful andprovocative movies of the year!
-Peter Bradshaw, THE GUARDIAN


Ludvik is a former speedway champ who has drifted into the lucrative business of people-trafficking, pocketing fistfuls of euros from desperate souls as they are shoved into his van, waiting to be taken across the border into Italy. Young and inexperienced Rudi is his new assistant. In a story straight from the headlines, Ludvik inducts Rudi into the blood-chilling illegal immigrant trade, a squalid world where the refugees are considered disposable, sexual exploitation is par for the course, and the paying customers are just as likely to be drugged and used as "spare parts" (unwilling organ donors), once they are safely over the border.

Original Languages: Slovenian
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 84 min.
Year: 2003


Aljosa Kovacic
Peter Musevski
Damjan Kozole