Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

A FILM BY Paul Sen

The most fascinating aspect of listening to him talk comes not from what he says about what he did, but how he talks about it.
-Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post
"Un regard fascinant sur un homme qui est sur le point de faire l'histoire, d'une manière encore plus grande. C'est une opportunité que nous n'obtenons pas très souvent."
-Bill Goodykoontz, ARIZONA REPUBLIC
"Présente Jobs, comme toujours, en avance sur son temps."
-Robert Koehler, VARIETY


Shot in 1995 for “Triumph of the Nerds,” a PBS documentary series, most of this hour-long interview by Robert X. Cringely was, until now, presumed lost.  Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview offers rare and intriguing insights into the mind of the late Apple chief executive and high-tech visionary.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 70 min.
Year: 2012


Steve Jobs
Robert X. Cringely
Paul Sen