Blue Room, The

A FILM BY Mathieu Amalric

Mr. Amalric, who directed this dark, delectable, shivery tale, adapting it from the Georges Simenon novel, sets its uneasy, dank mood with energetic economy.
-Manohla Dargis,The New York Times
The Blue Room (La Chambre bleue), takes a cue from both classic Hollywood noir and the time-shuffling narratives of the late Alain Resnais, telling a familiar story in ways that can feel compellingly new.
-Jordan Mintzer,The Hollywood Reporter
The subtle directionality of the compositions and the constant shifts from the present to the past, The Blue Room"" often feels like a work of cinematic futurism, not dissimilar to the films of Steven Soderbergh.""
-Scout Tafoya,Roger Ebert


Two adulterous lovers go from pillow talk to possible murder in this sexy, brain-teasing thriller. Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Grand Budapest Hotel) directs and stars as Julien, a middle-aged salesman embroiled in a steamy love affair with a married woman who, after a round of kinky sex, makes a startling suggestion. Suddenly Julien is caught up in a police investigation-but just what exactly happened? Based on a novel by celebrated crime writer Georges Simenon, this beguiling cinematic puzzle unfolds in an elliptical style that keeps the audience guessing every step of the way.

Release Date

Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller
Running Time: 76 min
Year: 2014


Laurent Poitrenaux
Léa Drucker
Mona Jaffart
Serge Bozon
Stéphanie Cléau
Mathieu Amalric
Mathieu Amalric