Wind Will Carry Us, The

A FILM BY Abbas Kiarostami

A filmmaker of real genius... this is without a doubt Abbas Kiarostamis most sheerly beautiful film.
... there is perhaps no living filmmaker as fully alive as Mr. Kiarostami.


An engineer (Behzad Dourani) and his crew travel from Tehran in a jeep looking for the remote mountain village of Siah Dareh, in Iranian Kurdistan. There they meet Farzad, a young boy from the village, who becomes their guide. The Engineer and his crew (who are never shown on-screen) are there to record a special ritual ceremony that will be determined by the fate of a certain Mrs. Malek. However, the locals believe that they are archeologists looking for buried treasure in an old cemetery. The crew only plans on staying in Siah Dareh for a few days but their trip is extended as Mrs. Malek's health begins to improve. The crafty Engineer befriends Farzad in order to get reports on Mrs. Malek's condition.

Release Date

Original Languages: Farsi
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 118 min.
Year: 1999


Behzad Dorani
Abbas Kiarostami