A FILM BY Vincent Aranda

A romantic tale about the last romantic war.


July 19, 1936. The revolution has just started in a town near Barcelona. Maria, a young innocent nun escaping from her convent, which is being ransacked by revolutionaries, finds refuge in a brothel, where she runs into a group of "Libertarias" intent on freeing the prostitutes. Befriended by the group, she joins up with its leader, Pilar, a spiritualist named Floren and a prostitute called Charo, on their way to the front. Within the brutal realities of war, Maria experiences love with a reformed priest and companionship through those she is fighting with, and soon she begins to doubt almost everything she once held to be true. Libertarias is an epic, emotional film that tells the story of six women's fight for freedom, their struggle for justice and their passionate cry for a better world. One of Spain's best known directors, Vicente Aranda has made 17 previous films including "Tiempo de Silencio", "La Pasion Turca", and the internationally acclaimed "Amantes".

Original Languages: Spanish
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 125 min.
Year: 1996


Vincent Aranda