Fishing Trip, The

A FILM BY Amnon Buchbinder


The Fishing Trip tells a story of lost childhood and possible redemption through the eyes and experiences of three young women. Kirsti has come home from college to confront her stepfather, Harold, about a dark family secret. When she arrives, she discovers that Harold has gone north to his remote fishing cabin - the very place where he first sexually assaulted Kirsti and her younger sister Jessie. Kirsti bribes the hostile Jessie and Jessie's best friend, Murdoch, to overcome their fears and go with her to face their past. Buoyed by humour and the resiliency of youth, The Fishing Trip is a deeply affirming testament to the power of love and friendship. Director/producer Amnon Buchbinder, an accomplished short filmmaker, makes his feature film debut with The Fishing Trip. Currently he teaches screenwriting at York University's Department of Film and Video.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Canadian, Drama
Running Time: 84 min.
Year: 1998


Anna Henry
Jhene Erwin
Melissa Hood
Amnon Buchbinder