Rites of Spring

A FILM BY Padraig Reynolds

‘Rites of Spring,’...not only proves that the two genres can work well together, they also don’t need a tremendous budget in order to tell a compelling story.
-Karen Benardello, Shockya.com
Helmer-writer Padraig Reynolds creates a dizzying pastiche of genre conventions, and he has a terrific actress in Anessa Ramsey, who’s that rare thing in horror, a thoroughly convincing victim.
-John Anderson, Variety


After abducting the daughter of a wealthy socialite, a group of kidnappers retreat to an abandoned school—unaware that their hideout will soon become the hunting ground for a bloodthirsty creature preparing for its annual killing spree.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Running Time: 80 min.
Year: 2011


AJ Bowen
Anessa Ramsey
Katherine Randolph
Sonny Marinelli
Padraig Reynolds


From left to right: Amy (Katherine Randolph), Paul (Sonny Marinelli)