Little Brother of War

A FILM BY Damon Vignale

A wonderful film!
-2004 Victoria Independent Film Festival


Confronted with the death of his parents, eight-year-old Jay Williams (Brett Sherwood) is reluctantly taken in by his mother's estranged sister and her down and out boyfriend. Confused and disoriented, Jay finds no comfort in his aunt's dysfunctional lifestyle. With great determination, he departs on a cross-country journey to the World Lacrosse Championships in Chicago, believing his mother and father to be in attendance. Finding himself in circumstances far beyond his years, Jay seeks solace within his imagination and brings to life a mystic story of centuries past. Years of working the streets, and a failed marriage, have left Detective Anthony Rosetti (Frank Cassini) jaded, and numb. Not until he crosses paths with a lost, yet persistent young Jay, does he begin to question his choices of the past and the direction his life is taking. Fantasy is interwoven with reality and, in a triumph of spirit; a jaded cop and an orphaned boy find friendship and liberation from their fears.

Original Languages: English
Genre: Canadian, Drama
Running Time: 95 min.
Year: 2003


Brett Sherwood
Frank Cassini
Damon Vignale