Where Is Rocky II?

Winner - "Nouvelles Vagues" Prize at Festival International La Roche Sur Yon


In 1979, American artist Ed Ruscha allegedly made a fake rock out of resin and hid it among real ones somewhere in California's vast Mojave Desert. Named Rocky II after the Sylvester Stallone film, the work is never spoken about publicly nor is it listed in any catalogue of Ruscha's work. Obsessed with this mystery piece, Academy Award winning screenwriter Pierre Bismuth sets out to find it in his directorial debut. Probing and inventive, this thoroughly original art quest blends documentary and fiction, and is as enigmatic as the mystery it seeks. WHERE IS ROCKY II? features High Fidelity and Gross Pointe Black screenwriter DV De Vincentis, Sherlock Holmes and Invictus writer Anthony Peckham, and Mike White of School Of Rock fame, alongside art world luminaries such as Los Angeles County Museum of Art director Michael Govan, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art director Philippe Vergne, philanthropist and collector Eli Broad, and Hammer Museum chief curator Connie Butler.
Production Status: Complete
Original Languages: English
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 93 minutes
Year: 2016


Pierre Bismuth


Dir. Pierre Bismuth
Where Is Rocky II?
Where Is Rocky II?
Where Is Rocky II?