My Art

Tribeca Film Festival, 2017


Single New York City artist Ellie hopes to gain inspiration in tranquility as she house-sits for a friend in Upstate New York. Accompanied by her lovable handicapped dog, Bing, Ellie comes of age — middle age — in her new surroundings. She turns the home’s adjoining barn into her new workplace, staging elaborate recreations of classic movie scenes, ranging from Some Like it Hot to A Clockwork Orange. Business unexpectedly evolves into possible pleasure when Ellie invites three local men — two gardeners and a lawyer — to participate in her art. Soon all three men are becoming romantically interested in Ellie. Even so, she remains determined to resist anything that could interrupt her work.
Production Status: Complete
Original Languages: English
Genre: Comedy|Drama
Running Time:
Year: 2016


And Lena Dunham ()
With Parker Posey ()
Josh Safdie ()
John Rothman ()
Robert Clohessy ()
Laurie Simmons ()
Laurie Simmons



My Art
My Art
Laurie Simmons, portrait by Sebastian Kim