History's Future

"Tan's work is direct, powerful"
Blake Gopnik, The Washington Post


Part fiction, part documentary, part speculative essay on the contemporary world, HISTORY’S FUTURE is about one man’s odyssey through a Europe in turmoil – and through his own mind. Losing his memory after a mugging, a man known only as ‘MP’ (Missing Person) leaves his home and sets out on a journey – in search not only for his memory but perhaps also for a new identity. MP finds himself confronted by a world in which there are no longer any certainties; an era of crisis on many levels. On his travels from country to country, through a series of strange, illuminating, sometimes comic encounters, MP attempts to gain insight into the complexity of life in the 21st-century West – into what commentators have called an age of ‘rolling catastrophe’.
Production Status: Complete
Original Languages: Multi-lingual, majority English
Genre: Documentary|Drama
Running Time: 95
Year: 2015


Anne Consigny ()
Denis Lavant ()
Johanna ter Steege ()
Mark O’Halloran ()
Fiona Tan


Mark O'Halloran
Mark O'Halloran and Anne Consigny