Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer


Norman Oppenheimer (Gere) only wants to matter. Living a lonely life in the shadow of power and money, he uses any angle or connection to put himself in a position of significance. He is an opportunist, just not a very good one. Until he finally bets on the right horse by buying a pair of expensive shoes for Micha Eshel (Ashkenazi), a lowly Israeli politician. When Micha becomes Prime Minister, Norman finds himself in the center of a geopolitical drama beyond anything he could have imagined. Using his small-time skills, Norman tries to solve a growingly complex puzzle with big-time implications. This everyman’s journey is filled with the comedy, drama, and tragedy of a man propelled out of anonymity yet ultimately too small to ever be valued.
Original Languages: English, French
Genre: Drama
Running Time:
Year: 2016


Richard Gere ()
Charlotte Gainsbourg ()
Michael Sheen ()
Steve Buscemi ()
Hank Azaria ()
Joseph Cedar



Left to right: Richard Gere as Norman Oppenheimer and Lior Ashkenazi as Micha Eshel. Photo by Niko Tavernise, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics
Richard Gere as Norman Oppenheimer Photo by Seacia Pavao, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics
Charlotte Gainsbourg as Alex Green Photo by Yaron Scharf,Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics