Dirty Wars

- Rob Nelson, Variety
"A game-changing, mind-blowing film."
- Erica Abeel, The Huffington Post


This eye-opening documentary lays bare the dirty little secret of America’s War on Terror: all bets are off, and almost anything goes. Drone strikes, night raids and government-condoned torture occur in hidden corners across the globe, generating unprecedented civilian casualties. Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill traces the rise of the Joint Special Operations Command, the most secret and elite fighting force in U.S. history, exposing covert ops, unidentifiable fighters who act with impunity and "kill lists" where no target is off-limits.
Original Languages: English
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 90 min
Year: 2013


Jeremy Scahill ()
Nasser Al Aulaqi ()
Saleha Al Aulaqi ()
Rick Rowley



Dirty Wars director Richard Rowley. Photo by Jacqueline Soohen.
Jeremy Scahill in Somalia. Photo by Richard Rowley.
Jeremy Scahill in Yemen. Photo by Richard Rowley.
Jeremy Scahill in Afghanistan. Photo by Richard Rowley.