"An unfulfilled young woman whose life-changing experience after taking in Eloi, a brutish homeless man, propels the powerful and affecting drama that defies expectations."
Michael D. Reid, The Times Colonist


Lucie leads a quiet life. An introverted and fragile young woman with no plan or ambition, she is overwhelmed by the frenzied lives she sees around her. Éloi, a homeless man she meets, is on the verge of freezing to death in the alley. She decides to take him to her home so that he can rest and recover for a day or two… but he ends up staying several months. Living together proves to be difficult, and Éloi’s reactions are unpredictable, but gradually her charity and determination restore his humanity. In return, he helps Lucie break free from her fantasy world, kick her life into gear and find the emotional maturity that she sorely needs.
Original Languages: French, English
Genre: Drama
Running Time:
Year: 2014


Brigitte Pogonat ()
Robin Aubert ()
Micheline Lanctôt


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