One Week - A film by Michael McGowan

"One Week is unabashedly, unapologetically and proudly Canadian, from Leafs references to Sudbury's giant nickel, but for once, that's a great thing! "
Barrett Hooper, NOW MAGAZINE

"***** "If you see only one movie this year ... make it One Week.""
- Kathleen Bell, SEE MAGAZINE

"?It¿ a very Canadian adventure, showcasing this country¿ beautiful landscape and stopping at every bizarre ¿orld¿ Biggest?monument along the way. Like any good road trip, the soundtrack is amazing, filled with atmospheric indie rock provided by Stars, Great Lake Swimmers, Sunparlour Players and the like! "
?Erin Oke, EXCLAIM

"?A unique and memorable Canadian feature film. Rarely does a film like this come along that moves me to tears, inspires me to use the time that I have left and has left me in utter awe of a filmmaker that is bound to have a long and lasting future creating films. Rare even more is the fact that ¿ne Week?is the best example of Canadian cinema, one that transcends the usual clich? associated with films from up North! "

When confronted with his mortality, Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) impulsively buys a vintage motorcycle and sets off on a road trip that starts in Toronto and ends up on Vancouver Island in the town of Tofino. Humorous, profound and extremely moving, One Week uses the great Canadian landscape as the backdrop to the story of a man and his life¿ journey. In the search for himself, he finds out what makes this country, and his life, so beautiful.

2008, Canada, Languages: English
94 min.