Film Index

Name Year Director Languages Genre
Brigsby Bear 2017 Dave McCary English Comedy|Drama
Mr. Gaga 2015 Tomer Heymann English, Hebrew Documentary
(Dis)honesty: The Truth About Lies 2014 Yael Melamede English Documentary
12 2007 Nikita Mikhalkov Russian, Chechen Drama
13 Conversations About One Thing 2001 Jill Sprecher English Drama
13 Minutes 2015 Oliver Hirschbiegel German Biography|Drama
180 South 2010 Chris Malloy English Documentary
2 Days in NY 2012 Julie Delpy English Comedy
2046 2004 Wong Kar Wai Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese Drama|World Cinema
3 Films by Michael Ondaatje 1974 Michael Ondaatje English
3 Hearts 2014 Benoît Jacquot French Drama
30 Beats 2012 Alexis Lloyd English Comedy|Drama
31 2016 Rob Zombie English, French Horror|Thriller
35 Rhums 2008 Claire Denis French Drama
3-Iron 2003 Kim Ki-Duk Korean Drama|World Cinema
4 Soldats 2011 Robert Morin French Drama
400 Days 2014 Matt Osterman English Sci-Fi
45 Years 2015 Andrew Haigh English Drama
5 Flights Up 2014 Richard Loncraine English Drama
5 to 7 2014 Victor Levin English Comedy|Romance
6 Days 2017 Toa Fraser English, French Action/Adventure|Thriller
600 Kilos d'’or Pur 2010 Éric Besnard French Comedy
7 Sisters 2017 Tommy Wirkola English, French Sci-Fi|Thriller
9 Mois Ferme 2013 Albert Dupontel French Comedy
9 to 5 - Days in Porn 2008 Jens Hoffmann English, German with English subtitles Documentary
A Cat in Paris 2010 Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol French (Une Vie de chat) Animated
A Crude Awakening 2006 Basil Gelpke & Ryan McCormack English Documentary|Environment
A Date For Mad Mary 2015 Darren Thornton English Comedy
A Fantastic Woman 2017 Sebastián Lelio Spanish Drama
A Fine Step 2013 Jonathan Meyers English Drama
A Gangster's Tale 2013 Gabriele Salvatores English Drama
A Ghost Story 2017 David Lowery English Drama|Romance
A Gift Horse 2014 Teddy Smith English Drama
A Grand Affair 2012 Glenio Bonder English Drama
A Late Quartet 2012 Yaron Zilberman English Drama
A Long Way Down 2013 Pascal Chaumeil English Comedy|Drama
A l'Origine 2009 Xavier Giannoli French Drama
A Prophet 2009 Jacques Audiard French Drama
A Resurrection 2013 Matt Orlando English Horror|Thriller
A Royal Affair 2012 Nikolaj Arcel English, Danish, German Drama
A Separation 2011 Asghar Farhadi Persian Drama|World Cinema
A Somewhat Gentle Man 2010 Hans Petter Moland Norwegian Comedy|Drama
A Stone's Throw 2006 Camelia Frieberg English Canadian|Drama
A Very British Gangster 2007 Donal MacIntyre English Documentary
A Wink and a Smile 2008 Deirdre Timmons English Documentary
A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop 2010 Zhang Yimou Mandarin Comedy
Act of God 2009 Jennifer Baichwal English Documentary
Adam at the Wedding 2017 Ryan Eggold English Comedy|Drama
Adam Resurrected 2008 Paul Schrader English Drama
Addicted to Plastic 2008 Ian Connacher Separate English and French versions Documentary
Adieu Berthe - L'Enterrement de Meme (Granny's Funeral) 2012 Bruno Podalydès French Comedy
Admiral 2015 Roel Reiné English, French Action/Adventure|Biography
Adult World 2013 Scott Coffey English, French Comedy
After 2012 Ryan Smith English Thriller
Afterparty 2013 Michelle Ouellet English Drama
Agata and the Storm 2004 Silvio Soldini Italian Comedy|World Cinema
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry 2012 Alison Klayman English, Mandarin Documentary
Ajami 2010 Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani Hebrew , Arabic Drama
Alamar (To the Sea) 2009 Pedro González-Rubio Spanish, Italian Drama
Alatriste 2006 Agustín Díaz Yanes Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, Flemish Drama
Alceste a Bicyclette (Cycling with Moliere) 2012 Philippe Le Guay French Comedy
Alien Arrival 2016 Jesse O'Brien English, French Action/Adventure|Sci-Fi
Alien Outpost 2014 Jabbar Raisani English Action/Adventure|Sci-Fi|Thriller
Alila 2003 Amos Gitai Hebrew Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
All in Good Time 2012 Nigel Cole English Drama
All the Real Girls 2003 David Gordon Green English Drama
Almost Heaven 2005 Ed Herzog German Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Almost Human 2013 Joe Begos English Horror|Sci-Fi
Aloft 2014 Claudia Llosa English Drama|Romance|World Cinema
Amazing Racer 2012 Frank E. Johnson English Drama
American Hardcore 2006 Paul Rachman English Documentary
American Heist 2014 Sarik Andreasyan English Action/Adventure
American Swing 2008 Jon Hart, Matthew Kaufman English Documentary
Among Adults (Entre adultes) 2006 Stéphane Brizé French Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Amour 2012 Michael Haneke French Drama
Amy 2015 Asif Kapadia English, French Biography|Documentary
Amy George 2011 Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas English Drama
An American Journey: In Robert Frank's Footsteps 2009 Philippe Séclier French Documentary
An Education 2009 Lone Scherfig English Drama
Angel in the House 2013 Jonathan Newman English Comedy
Angel of the Skies 2013 Christopher-Lee Dos Santos English Drama
Angel-A 2005 Luc Besson French, Spanish World Cinema
Angry Indian Goddesses 2015 Pan Nalin Hindi, English Comedy|Drama
Angry Indian Goddesses 2015 Pan Nalin Hindi, English Comedy|Drama
Angry Monk 0 Luc Schaedler Documentary
Animation Express 2 2011 Paul Drissen, Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby, Co Hoedeman, Georges Schwizgebel, Koji Yamamura Canadian
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens 2007 Barbara Leibovitz English Documentary
Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of Inside Llewyn Davis 2013 Christopher Wilcha English Documentary
Another Year 2010 Mike Leigh English Drama
Anytown, USA 2006 Kristian Fraga English Documentary
April and the Extraordinary World 2014 Franck Ekinci and Christian Desmares English, French Action/Adventure|Animated|Comedy
Armed Response 2017 John Stockwell English, French Horror|Thriller
Aroused 2013 Deborah Anderson English Documentary
Arranged 2007 Diane Crespo, Stefan Schaefer English, Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles Drama
Art & Copy 2009 Doug Pray English Documentary
Art School Confidential 2005 Terry Zwigoff English Comedy|Drama
Arthur Newman 2012 Dante Ariola English Comedy|Drama
As Luck Would Have It 2011 Alex De La Iglesia Spanish Drama
Ascent 2016 Fiona Tan English, Japanese
Ashes of Time Redux 2008 Kar Wai Wong Cantonese with English Subtitles World Cinema
Asian Action Extreme 2009 various Drama
Asterix - The Mansions of the Gods 2014 Louis Clichy French Animated
At Any Price 2012 Ramin Bahrani English Drama
At Home by Myself with You 2009 Kris Booth English Comedy
Atrocious 2010 Fernando Barreda Luna Spanish Thriller
Attila Marcel 2013 Sylvain Chomet French Comedy
Au Bonheur des Ogres 2012 Nicolas Bary French Comedy
Austenland 2012 Jerusha Hess English Comedy
Auto Focus 2002 Paul Schrader English Drama
Autrui 2014 Micheline Lanctôt French, English Drama
AVA 2017 Sadaf Foroughi Farsi Drama
Avant L'Hiver 2013 Philippe Claudel French Drama
Avant-Garde 3 0 Multiple English
Away from Her 2006 Sarah Polley English Canadian|Drama
Baadasssss! 2004 Mario Van Peebles English Drama
Bad Education 2004 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish(Castilian), Latin Drama|World Cinema
Baghead 2008 Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass English Comedy|Drama
Ballast 2008 Lance Hammer English
Bananas!* 2009 Fredrik Gertten English, Spanish Documentary
Bancs publics (Versailles rive droite) 2009 Bruno Podalydès French Comedy
Banksy Does New York 2014 Chris Moukarbel English Documentary
Barking Dogs Never Bite 2000 Bong Joon-ho Korean Comedy
Bastards 2013 Claire Denis French (Les Salauds) Drama
Bastards 2008 Amat Escalante Spanish, English Drama
Battleship Potemkin 1925 Sergei M. Eisenstein Russian Drama
Beach Rats 2016 Eliza Hittman English Drama
Beach Rats 2017 Eliza Hittman English Drama
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest 2011 Michael Rapaport English Documentary
Bedevilled 2010 Jang Cheol-soo Korean Drama|Thriller
Bedways 2010 Rolf Peter Kahl German Drama
Beeba Boys 2015 Deepa Mehta English, Punjabi Thriller
Beeba Boys 2015 Deepa Mehta English, Punjabi Thriller
Before I Wake 2016 Mike Flanagan English Drama|Horror
Before Midnight 2013 Richard Linklater English, Greek Drama
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead 2007 Sidney Lumet English Drama
Being Elmo 2011 Constance Marks English Documentary
Bellamy 2009 Claude Chabrol French Drama
Beneath 2013 Ben Ketai English Horror
Berlin 36 2009 Kaspar Heidelbach German Drama
Bethlehem 2013 Yuval Adler Hebrew, Arabic Drama|Thriller
Beyond the Black Rainbow 2011 Pantos Cosmatos English Drama
Beyond The Edge 2013 Leanne Pooley English Documentary|Drama
Beyond the Hills 2012 Christian Mungiu Romanian Drama
Bienvenue parmi nous 2012 Jean Becker French Drama
Big Eden 2000 Thomas Bezucha English Drama
Big River Man 2009 John Maringouin English Documentary
Big Shot's Funeral 2001 Xiaogang Feng Mandarin, English Comedy|World Cinema
Big Time 2017 Kaspar Astrup Schröder English and Danish with English Subtitles Documentary
Birdwatchers 2008 Marco Bechis Portuguese, Guarani Drama
Black Book 2006 Paul Verhoeven Dutch, German, English, Hebrew Drama|World Cinema
Black Code 2015 Nick De Pencier English Documentary
Black Death 2010 Christopher Smith English Drama|Thriller
Black Gold 2005 Marc and Nick Francis English, Amharic and Oromiffa Documentary|World Cinema
Black Gold: Day of the Falcon 2011 Jean-Jacques Annaud English Drama
Black Heaven 2010 Gilles Marchand French Drama
Black Site Delta 2017 Jesse Gustafson English
Black Sun 2005 Gary Tarn English Documentary|World Cinema
Black Venus 2009 Abdellatif Kechiche French, Afrikaans, English Drama
Black White + Gray: a Portrait of Sam Wagstaff & Robert Mapplethorpe + Patti Smith 2007 James Crump English Documentary|GLBT
Blackcoat's Daughter 2016 Oz Perkins English, French Horror|Thriller
Blackthorn 2011 Mateo Gil English Drama
Blind 2017 Michael Mailer English, French Drama|Romance
Blind Alley 2011 Antonio Trashorras Spanish Thriller
Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary 2002 Andre Heller German Documentary|World Cinema
Blood Brother 2013 Steve Hoover English Documentary
Blood on the Flat Track 2007 Lainy Bagwell, Lacey Leavitt English Documentary
Blood Pressure 2012 Sean Garrity English Canadian|Drama
Blood, Sweat and Fear Boxset 2010 Tomas Alfredson, Piraphan Laoyont, Nacho Vigalondo Various Thriller
Bloomington 2010 Fernanda Cardoso English Drama
Blue Caprice 2013 Alexandre Moors English Drama
Blue Gold: World Water Wars 2008 Sam Bozzo English Documentary
Blue is the Warmest Color 2012 Abdellatif Kechiche French Drama|GLBT|Romance|World Cinema
Blue Jasmine 2013 Woody Allen English Comedy
Blue Like Jazz 2012 Steve Taylor English Comedy|Drama
Bobby Fischer Against the World 2011 Liz Garbus English Documentary|Drama
Bollywood/Hollywood 2002 Deepa Mehta English Canadian|Comedy
Bombon El Perro 2004 Carlos Sorín Spanish Drama|World Cinema
Bon Voyage 2003 Jean-Paul Rappeneau French Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Borg vs McEnroe 2017 Janus Metz English, Swedish Biography|Drama
Boule et Bill 2013 Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier French Comedy
Boy 2010 Taika Waititi English Comedy|Drama
Boychoir 2014 François Girard English Drama
Boyhood 2014 Richard Linklater English Drama
Boys Life 7 2010 English
Branded 2012 Jamie Bradshaw, Aleksandr Dulerayn English Drama|Thriller
Breakfast with Scot 2007 Laurie Lynd English Canadian|Comedy
Brick Lane 2007 Sarah Gavron English Drama|World Cinema
Bride Flight 2008 Ben Sombogaart Dutch, English Drama
Brimstone & Glory 2017 Viktor Jakovleski English, French Documentary
Broken Embraces 2009 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish with English subtitles Drama
Broken Wings 2002 Nir Bergman Hebrew Drama|World Cinema
Brooklyn 2014 John Crowley English Comedy|Drama|Romance
Burn Country Ian Olds English Drama
Burning the Future 2008 David Novack English Documentary
Butch Factor 2009 Christopher Hines English Documentary
Butch Jamie 2007 Michelle Ehlen English Comedy|GLBT
By The Gun 2014 James Mottern English Drama|Thriller
Bye Bye Blues 1989 Anne Wheeler English Drama|Romance
Byzantium 2012 Neil Jordan English Drama|Thriller
Caché / Hidden 2005 Michael Haneke French Drama|World Cinema
Café Society 2016 Woody Allen English Comedy|Drama
Caged 2010 Yann Gozlan French Thriller
Cairo Time 2009 Ruba Nadda English Drama
Call Girl 2007 António-Pedro Vasconcelos Portuguese with English subtitles Drama|Thriller
Call Me By Your Name 2017 Luca Guadagnino English, Italian, French, German Drama|Romance
Cam2Cam 2014 Joel Soisson English Horror
Cameraman 2010 Craig McCall English Documentary
Camille Redouble 2012 Noémie Lvovsky French Comedy|Drama
Camp X-Ray 2014 Peter Sattler English, French Drama
Capote 2005 Bennett Miller English Drama
Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary 2008 Pepita Ferrari English Documentary
Carandiru 2003 Hector Babenco Portuguese (Brazil) Drama|World Cinema
Cargo 2009 Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter German Thriller
Carlos 2010 Olivier Assayas French, German, English, Spanish, Arabic Drama
Carnage 2011 Roman Polanski English Comedy|Drama
Catfight 2016 Onur Tukel Comedy
Celeste and Jesse Forever 2012 Lee Toland Krieger English Comedy|Drama
Cell 2016 Tod Williams English, French Horror|Sci-Fi|Thriller
Certified Copy 2011 Abbas Kiarostami French Drama
Chamber of Death 2007 Alfred Lot French Drama|World Cinema
Chaotic Ana (Caotica Ana) 2007 Julio Medem Spanish with English subtitles Drama|World Cinema
Charm 2012 Ashley Cahill English Comedy|Thriller
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding 2012 Donald Rice English Comedy|Drama
Cherry Blossoms 2008 Doris Dorrie German, English, Japanese Drama
Chevolution 2008 Luis Lopez, Trisha Ziff Spanish, English Documentary
Chiko 2008 Ozgur Yildirim German Drama
Chinese Odyssey 2002 2002 Jeffery Lau Cantonese World Cinema
Churchill 2017 Jonathan Teplitzky English Biography|Drama|Thriller
Circumstance 2011 Maryam Kershavarz Persian Drama
Citadel 2012 Ciaran Foy English Drama|Thriller
Citizen Black 2004 Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine English Canadian|Documentary
CJ7 2008 Stephen Chow Mandarin with English subtitles Comedy|World Cinema
Cloud 9 2008 Andreas Dresen German Drama
Clouds of Sils Maria 2013 Olivier Assayas English Drama|World Cinema
Coach 2010 Will Frears English Comedy
Cocaine Cowboys 2006 Billy Corben English Documentary
Cocaine Cowboys - Gangster Edition Box Set 2008 English Documentary
Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustlin' with the Godmother 2008 Billy Corben English Documentary
Cocaine Cowboys Reloaded 2006 Billy Corben English Documentary
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky 2009 Jan Kounen English, French, Russian Drama
Cold in July 2014 Jim Mickle English Drama|Thriller
Colin 2008 Marc Price English Thriller
Colonia 2015 Florian Gallenberger English Drama|Romance
Colossal 2016 Nacho Vigalondo English Sci-Fi
Coming Home 2014 Zhang Yimou Cantonese Drama|Romance|World Cinema
Comme t'y es belle 2006 Lisa Alessandrin French Comedy|World Cinema
Cooking with Stella 2009 Dilip Mehta English, Hindi Comedy
Crawlspace 2012 Justin Dix English Thriller
Crazy Love 2007 Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens English Documentary
Creative Control 2014 Benjamin Dickenson English Sci-Fi
Crime d'Amour 2010 Alain Corneau French Thriller
Crimson Gold 2003 Jafar Panahi Farsi Drama|World Cinema
Crossing the Bridge - The Sound of Istanbul 2005 Fatih Akin German, Turkish, English Documentary|World Cinema
Crude Impact 2007 James Wood English Documentary|Environment
Crush 2002 John McKay English Drama
Crystal Fairy 2013 Sebastian Silva English, Spanish Comedy
Curling 2010 Denis Côté French Drama
Curse of the Golden Flower 2006 Zhang Yimou Mandarin Drama|World Cinema
Cutie and the Boxer 2013 Zachary Heinzerling English, Japanese Documentary
Dakota 2007 Matthew Atkinson English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Damsels in Distress 2011 Whit Stillman English Comedy|Drama
Dancing Arabs 2014 Eran Riklis Arabic, Hebrew Drama
Dans ton Sommeil 2010 Caroline du Potet, Eric du Potet French Thriller
Dark Blue World 2001 Jan Sverak Czech, English Drama|World Cinema
Dark Horse 2014 Louise Osmond English Documentary
Dark Horse 2011 Todd Solondz English Drama
DarkBlueAlmostBlack 2006 Daniel Sánchez Arévalo Spanish Drama|World Cinema
De L'autre cote du lit (Changing Sides) 2008 Pascale Pouzadoux French Comedy
Dear Zachary 2008 Kurt Kuenne English Documentary
Delice Paloma 2007 Nadir Moknèche French, Algerian Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Demain des L'aube (Tomorrow at Dawn) 2009 Denis Dercourt French Drama
Departure 2015 Andrew Steggall English, French Drama|GLBT
Desert Hearts 1985 Donna Deitch English Drama|GLBT
Desierto 2015 Jonás Cuarón English, French Drama|Thriller
Detachment 2011 Tony Kaye English Drama
Dheepan 2014 Jacques Audiard French, Tamil Drama
Diamond Tongues 2014 Pavan Moondi, Brian Robertson English Comedy|Drama
Diaz 2012 Daniele Vicari Italian, French, German, Spanish, English Drama
Diego Star 2012 Frédérick Pelletier French Drama
Diplomatie 2013 Volker Schlöndorff French Drama
Dirty Wars 2013 Rick Rowley English Documentary
Divided We Fall 2000 Jan Hrebejk Czech, German Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Do Not Disturb 2012 Yvan Attal French Comedy
Dogtown & Z-Boys 2002 Stacy Peralta English Documentary
Donkey Punch 2008 Oliver Blackburn English Drama|Thriller
Don't Come Knocking 2005 Wim Wenders English Drama
Don't Look Down 2008 Eliseo Subiela Spanish Drama|World Cinema
Don't Tell Me The Boy Was Mad 2014 Robert Guédiguian French Drama
Down to the Dirt 2008 Justin Simms English Canadian
Downloading Nancy 2008 Johan Renck English Drama|Thriller
Drifters 2003 Xiaoshuai Wang Mandarin Drama|World Cinema
Drinking Buddies 2013 Joe Swanberg English Comedy|Drama
Driving Lessons 2006 Jeremy Brock English Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Drool 2009 Nancy Kissam English Comedy
Dumbstruck 2010 Mark Goffman English Documentary
Easier with Practice 2009 Kyle Patrick Alvarez English Drama
East Side Story 2006 Carlos Portugal English, Spanish Comedy
Eat That Question—Frank Zappa in His Own Words 2016 Thorsten Schütte English Documentary
Echoes of Home 2007 Stefan Schwietert German, Russian Documentary|World Cinema
Eden 2006 Michael Hofmann German Drama|World Cinema
Eden Log 2007 Franck Vestiel French Thriller
Edge Of Heaven 2007 Fatih Akin German, Turkish, English with English subtitles Drama|World Cinema
Eleonore's Secret 2009 Dominique Monféry French (La Maison des contes) World Cinema
Elijah 2007 Paul Unwin English Drama
Elle 2016 Paul Verhoeven English Drama|Thriller
Elle s'en va 2013 Emmanuelle Bercot French Comedy|Drama
Elsa & Fred 2014 Michael Radford English Drama|Romance
Emelie 2015 Michael Thelin English Thriller
Emperor 2012 Peter Webber English, Japanese Drama
Empire of Dirt 2012 Peter Stebbings English Drama
Entre les Mains de Michel Tremblay 2007 Adrian Willis French Canadian|Documentary
Equity 2016 Meera Menon English Drama
Ernest et Celestine 2012 Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner French Animated
Erreur de la Banque en Votre Faveur 2009 Gérard Bitton, Michel Munz French Comedy
Esma's Secret (Grbavica) 2006 Jasmila Zbanic Bosnian Drama|World Cinema
Eve & The Fire Horse 2005 Julia Kwan English, Cantonese Canadian|Drama
Every Little Step 2008 Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern English Documentary
Every Thing Will Be Fine 2014 Wim Wenders English Drama
Everybody Has A Plan 2012 Ana Piterbarg Spanish Drama|Thriller
Everyday Is Like Sunday 2013 Pavan Moondi English Comedy|Drama
Evil Dead II 1987 Sam Raimi English Horror
Ex Machina 2014 Alex Garland English Drama|Sci-Fi|Thriller
Ex-Drummer 2007 Koen Mortier Flemish, English Comedy|Drama
Exit Through the Gift Shop 2010 Banksy English Documentary
Exterminating Angels 2006 Jean-Claude Brisseau French Drama|World Cinema
Extinction 2014 Adam Spinks English Action/Adventure
Fading Gigolo 2013 John Turturro English Comedy
Fall 2014 Terrance Odette English Drama
Fallen Angels 1995 Wong Kar-wai Cantonese Comedy|Drama
Family Law 2006 Daniel Burman Spanish Comedy|World Cinema
Fanny (La Trilogie Marseillaise) 2013 Daniel Auteuil French Drama
Fantomas 1913 Louis Feuillade Silent Drama
Far North 2007 Asif Kapadia English Drama
FC Venus 2005 Joona Tena Finnish with English subtitles Comedy|World Cinema
Feed The Fish 2009 Michael Matzdorff English Comedy
Fightville 2011 Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker English Documentary
Fill the Void 2012 Rama Burshtein Hebrew Drama
Film Socialism 2010 Jean-Luc Godard Français Drama
Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool 2017 Paul McGuigan English Biography|Drama|Romance
Films of Amos Gitai 2010 Amos Gitai Hebrew Drama
Final Portrait 2017 Stanley Tucci English, French Biography|Drama
Finn's Girl 2007 Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert English Canadian|Drama|GLBT
Fire 1996 Deepa Mehta Hindi, English Canadian|Drama
First Position 2011 Bess Kargman English Documentary
Fish Tank 2009 Andrea Arnold English Drama
Flame & Citron 2008 Ole Christian Madsen Danish and German World Cinema
Flamenco, Flamenco 2010 Carlos Saura Spanish Documentary
Florida 2014 Philippe Le Guay French Comedy|Drama
Flow: For Love of Water 2008 Irena Salina English Documentary
Follow My Voice 2006 Katherine Linton English Documentary|GLBT
Footnote 2011 Joseph Cedar Hebrew Drama|World Cinema
For Greater Glory 2012 Dean Wright English, Spanish Drama
For No Good Reason 2012 Charlie Paul English Documentary
For the Love of Dolly 2006 Tai Uhlmann English Documentary|GLBT
Forest for the Trees 2003 Maren Ade German Drama|World Cinema
Four Minutes (Vier Minuten) 2006 Chris Kraus German with English subtitles Drama
Foxcatcher 2013 Bennett Miller English Biography|Drama
Frances Ha 2012 Noah Baumbach English Comedy
Frantz 2016 François Ozon French, German Drama
Freakonomics 2010 Heidi Ewing, Alex Gibney, Morgan Spurlock, Seth Gordon, Rachel Grady, Eugene Jarecki English Documentary
Free Samples 2012 Jay Gammil English Comedy|Drama
Free The Nipple 2014 Lina Esco English Comedy
French Lovers Have All The Answers 2008 Jackie Oudney English Comedy
Friends With Money 2005 Nicole Holofcener English Drama
Frontrunners 2008 Caroline Suh English Documentary
Frozen River 2008 Courtney Hunt English Drama
Garbage Warrior 2007 Oliver Hodge English Documentary|Environment
Gasland 2010 Josh Fox English Documentary
Gaumont Treasures 0 Alice Guy, Louis Feuillade, Leonce Perret
Gemma Bovery 2013 Anne Fontaine French Drama|World Cinema
Gentille 2005 Sophie Fillières French Drama|World Cinema
Gerhard Richter Painting 2011 Corinna Belz German, English Documentary
Get Low 2010 Aaron Schneider English Drama
GFE Girlfriend Experience 2009 Ileana Pietrobruno English Drama
Giant Mechanical Man 2012 Lee Kirk English Comedy|Drama
Girl Most Likely (Imogene) 2012 Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini English Comedy
Gleason 2016 Clay Tweel English Documentary
Global Warning Box Set 2007 English & French Canadian|Documentary|Environment|World Cinema
Gloria 2012 Sebastián Lelio Spanish Drama
Godfathers of Ganja 2010 Billy Corben English Documentary
God's Pocket 2013 John Slattery English Drama
Gone with the Woman 2007 Petter Naess Norwegian Comedy|World Cinema
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 2008 Alex Gibney English Documentary
Good Food, Bad Food 2010 Coline Serreau French Documentary
Goodbye To All That 2014 Angus MacLachlan English Comedy|Drama
Grabbers 2012 Jon Wright English Comedy
Grandma 2014 Paul Weitz English, French Comedy
Greetings to the Devil 2011 The Orozco Brothers Spanish Thriller
Gridlocked 2015 Allan Ungar English Action/Adventure
Growing Op 2008 Michael Melski English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Grown Up Movie Star 2009 Adriana Maggs English Drama
Gunner Palace 2004 Michael Tucker & Petra Epperlein English Documentary
Gunshy 2017 Simon West English, French Action/Adventure
Gymnast 2006 Ned Farr English Drama|GLBT
Half Life 2008 Jennifer Phang English Drama
Happiness Runs 2010 Adam Sherman English Drama
Happy End 2017 Michael Haneke French Drama
Happy Happy 2010 Anne Sewitsky Norwegian Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Happy People 2010 Dmitry Vasyukov English, Russian Documentary
Happy Tears 2009 Mitchell Lichtenstein English Drama
Happy Times 2000 Yimou Zhang Chinese (Mandarin) Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Happy Together 1997 Wong Kar-Wai Cantonese, Mandarin Drama
Harry Smith's Old Weird America (Story of Folk Music) 2007 Rani Singh English Documentary
Harvard vs. Yale 2008 Kevin Rafferty English
Hateship, Loveship 2013 Liza Johnson English Comedy|Drama
Haute Cuisine 2012 Christian Vincent French Comedy
Hawaii, Oslo 2004 Erik Poppe Norwegian Drama|World Cinema
Head On 2004 Fatih Akin German, Turkish, English Drama|World Cinema
Heartbeat 2014 Andrea Dorfman English Drama
Heaven on Earth 2008 Deepa Mehta Punjabi, English Canadian
Heights 2005 Chris Terrio English Drama
Heineken Kidnapping 2011 Maarten Treurniet Dutch, English, French Thriller
Hell 2011 Tim Fehlbaum German Thriller
Hellion 2013 Kat Candler English Drama|Thriller
Hello Goodbye 2008 Graham Guit French Comedy
Henri 2013 Yolande Moreau French Drama
Henry IV (Henry of Navarre) 2010 Jo Baier German, French, Italian, Latin Drama
Herb & Dorothy 2008 Megumi Sasaki English Documentary
Hey Happy! 2001 Noam Gonick English Canadian|Drama
High Fantasy 2017 Jenna Bass English, French Drama
Higher Ground 2011 Vera Farmiga English Drama
History's Future 2015 Fiona Tan Multi-lingual, majority English Documentary|Drama
Hollywood je t'aime 2008 Jason Bushman English Comedy|Drama|GLBT
Holy Motors 2012 Leos Carax French Drama
House of Flying Daggers 2004 Yimou Zhang Chinese (Mandarin) Drama|World Cinema
How About You 2007 Anthony Byrne English Comedy|Drama
How She Move 2007 Ian Iqbal Rashid English Canadian|Drama
How to Be a Man 0 Multiple English
How to Be a Woman 0 Multiple English
How to Cook Your Life 2007 Doris Dorrie English Documentary|Environment
How to Survive a Plague 2012 David France English Documentary
How To Talk To Girls At Parties 2017 John Cameron Mitchell English Comedy|Romance|Sci-Fi
Howl 2010 Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman English Drama
Human Cargo 2004 Brad Turner English Canadian|Drama
Hungry Hearts 2014 Saverio Costanzo English, French Drama|Thriller
I Am Love 2010 Luca Guadagnino Italian Drama
I Am Not Your Negro 2016 Raoul Peck English Documentary
I Am Wrath 2015 Chuck Russell English Action/Adventure|Drama
I Can See You 2008 Graham Reznick English Thriller
I For India 2005 Sandhya Suri English Documentary|World Cinema
I Melt With You 2011 Mark Pellington English Drama
I Put a Hit on You 2014 Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart English, French Comedy|Romance|Thriller
I Really Hate My Job 2007 Oliver Parker English Comedy|World Cinema
I Saw The Light 2015 Marc Abraham English Biography|Drama
I Served the King of England 2006 Jiri Menzel Czech with English subtitles Comedy|Drama
I, Claudia 2004 Chris Abraham English Canadian|Drama
I, Daniel Blake 2016 Ken Loach English Drama
Il Divo 2008 Paolo Sorrentino Italian, English Drama
Il y a longtemps que je t'aime (I've Loved You So Long) 2008 Phillipe Claudel French, English Drama
I'm So Excited! 2012 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish Comedy
Imaginary Heroes 2004 Dan Harris English Comedy|Drama
Imogène McCarthery 2010 Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier French Comedy
Impardonnables 2011 André Téchiné French, Italian Drama
In A Better World 2010 Susanne Bier Dutch Drama
In Bed (En la Cama) 2005 Matias Bize Spanish Drama|World Cinema
In Darkness 2011 Agnieszka Holland Polish, German, Yiddish, Ukrainian Drama
In Mom's Head (La Tête de maman) 2007 Carine Tardieu French Drama|World Cinema
In My Country 2005 John Boorman English, Afrikaans Drama
In Search of Sex 2009 Zeke Zelker English Drama
In The Fade 2017 Fatih Akin German, English, Greek Drama|Thriller
Inertia 2001 Sean Garrity English Canadian|Drama|GLBT
Infinitely Polar Bear 2014 Maya Forbes English Comedy|Drama
Ingrid Goes West 2017 Matt Spicer English Comedy|Drama
Inju 2007 Barbet Schroeder French Thriller
Inside Job 2010 Charles Ferguson English Documentary
Inside Llewyn Davis 2013 Ethan Coen, Joel Coen English Drama
Into Great Silence 2005 Philip Groning French, Latin with English subtitles Documentary|World Cinema
Into the Abyss 2011 Werner Herzog English Documentary
Iraq In Fragments 2006 James Longley Arabic, Kurdish, English Documentary|World Cinema
Ironclad: Battle for Blood 2012 Jonathan English English Action/Adventure
Irrational Man 2014 Woody Allen English Comedy|Drama
It Comes at Night 2017 Trey Edward Shults English Horror
It Follows 2014 David Robert Mitchell English Horror|Thriller
It Might Get Loud 2009 Davis Guggenheim English Documentary
Itty Bitty Titty Committee 2007 Jamie Babbitt English Comedy|GLBT
Ivans XTC 2000 Bernard Rose English Drama
Jack & Diane 2012 Bradley Rust Gray English Drama
Jane's Journey 2010 Lorenz Knauer English Documentary
Jasper Jones Rachel Perkins English
J'Attends quelqu'un (Waiting for Someone) 2007 Jérome Bonell French Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Java Heat 2013 Connor Allyn English Thriller
Je Crois Que Je L'Aime (Could this be Love) 2007 Pierre Jolivet French, Japanese, Italian, English, Italian, Cantonese Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Jean Philippe 2006 Laurent Tuel French Comedy|World Cinema
Jesus Camp 2006 Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady English Documentary
Jihad for Love 2007 Parvez Sharma English, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Urdu, French Documentary
Jimmy Carter Man from Plains 2007 Jonathan Demme English Documentary
Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian 2013 Arnaud Desplechin English Drama
Jimmy's Hall 2014 Ken Loach English Drama
Jindabyne 2007 Ray Lawrence English Drama|World Cinema
Jo pour Jonathan 2010 Maxime Giroux French Canadian|Drama
Jodorowsky's Dune 2013 Frank Pavich English Documentary|Sci-Fi
Joueuse 2009 Caroline Bottaro French Drama
Journey to Armenia 2006 Robert Guédiguian French Drama|World Cinema
Jules Verne's Mysterious Island 2010 Mark Sheppard English Thriller
Julia 2008 Erick Zonca English, Spanish Drama|Thriller
Julieta 2015 Pedro Almodóvar Spanish Drama
Junebug 2005 Phil Morrison English Drama
Karakara 2012 Claude Gagnon Japanese, English Drama
Kelly & Cal 2014 Jen McGowan English Comedy|Drama
Khaled 2002 Asghar Massombagi English Canadian|Drama
Khumba 2013 Anthony Silverston English Animated|Drama
Kill Command 2016 Steven Gomez English, French Action/Adventure|Sci-Fi
Kill Ratio 2016 Paul Tanter English Action/Adventure
Kill Switch 2017 Tim Smit English Sci-Fi
Killing Ground 2017 Damien Power English, Danish Thriller
Kimjongilia 2009 N.C. Heikin English, Korean Documentary
Kiss Me Again 2010 Gabriele Muccino Italian Drama
Kiss of the Damned 2012 Xan Cassavetes English Thriller
Klimt 2006 Raoul Ruiz English, German, French Drama|World Cinema
Klitschko 2011 Sebastian Dehnhardt German, Russian, English Documentary
Knight of the Dead 2013 Mark Atkins English Action/Adventure|Horror
Kung Fu Elliot 2013 Matthew Bauckman and Jaret Belliveau English Comedy|Documentary|Drama
Kung Fu Hustle 2004 Stephen Chow Cantonese, Mandarin Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
L.A. Story 1991 Mick Jackson English Comedy|Drama
La Belle Personne 2008 Christophe Honoré French Drama
La Danse 2009 Frederick Wiseman French Documentary
La Domination Masculine 2009 Patric Jean French Documentary
La Grande Boucle 2013 Laurent Tuel French Comedy|Drama
La Marque des Anges 2013 Sylvain White French Thriller
La Meute 2010 Franck Richard French Thriller
La Nostra Vita 2010 Daniele Luchetti Italian Drama
La Proie 2011 Eric Valette French Thriller
La Source des femmes 2011 Radu Mihaileanu Arabic Comedy|Drama
La Zona 2007 Rodrigo Plá Spanish Drama
Labyrinth of Lies 2014 Giulio Ricciarelli German Drama
Lambert & Stamp 2014 James D. Cooper English, French, German Documentary
L'amour Fou 2010 Pierre Thoretton French Documentary
Land Ho! 2014 Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz English Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Land of Mine 2015 Martin Zandvliet Danish, German Drama|World Cinema
L'Armée du Crime 2009 Robert Guédiguian French Drama
Last Call at the Oasis 2011 Jessica Yu English Documentary
Last Orders 2001 Fred Schepisi English Comedy|Drama
Last Stop 174 2008 Bruno Barreto Portugese Drama
Last Weekend 2014 Tom Dolby, Tom Williams English Comedy|Drama
Late Bloomers 2011 Julie Gavras English, Italian Comedy|Drama
Late Fragment 2008 Daryl Cloran, Anita Doron, Mateo Guez English Canadian|Drama
Laurel Canyon 2002 Lisa Cholodenko English Drama
Layer Cake 2004 Matthew Vaughn English Drama
Le Bruit des glacons 2010 Bertrand Blier French Comedy|Drama
Le Crime est notre affaire 2008 Pascal Thomas French Comedy
Le Dernier pour la route 2009 Philippe Godeau French Drama
Le Grand Voyage 2004 Ismaël Ferroukhi French (Bulgarian, Arabic, Italian, Turkish) Drama|World Cinema
Le Héros de la famille (The Family Hero) 2006 Thierry Klifa French Drama|World Cinema
Le Jeu de la mort 2010 Christophe Nick French Documentary
Le Nom des gens 2010 Michel Leclerc French Comedy
Le Nouveau Protocole 2008 Thomas Vincent French Drama
Le Petit lieutenant 2005 Xavier Beauvois French Drama|World Cinema
Le Pressentiment 2006 Jean-Pierre Darroussin French Drama|World Cinema
Le Siffleur 2009 Philippe Lefebvre French Comedy
Leaning Into the Wind 2016 Thomas Riedelsheimer English Documentary
Legacy: Black Ops 2010 Thomas Ikimi English Thriller
Legend of the Tsunami Warrior 2008 Nonzee Nimibutr Thai World Cinema
Lemmy 2010 Greg Olliver, Wes Orshoski English Documentary
L'Enfant 2005 Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne French Drama|World Cinema
Les Beaux jours 2013 Marion Vernoux French Comedy
Les Brigades du tigre 2006 Jérôme & François Cornuau French Drama|World Cinema
Les Émotifs anonymes 2010 Jean-Pierre Améris French Comedy
Les Enfants du Paradis 1945 Marcel Carné Français Drama
Les Gardiens de l'ordre 2010 Nicolas Boukhrief French Drama|Thriller
Les Signes Vitaux 2009 Sophie Deraspe French Drama
Les Témoins (The Witnesses) 2007 André Téchiné French Drama|World Cinema
Let The Right One In 2008 Tomas Alfredson Swedish with English Subtitles Drama
Let the Right One In Limited Edition 2008 Tomas Alfredson Swedish with English Subtitles Thriller
Let's Make Money 2008 Erwin Wagenhofer German, Spanish, English, Tamil and French Documentary
Leviathan 2014 Andrey Zvyagintsev Russian Drama
Levity 2002 Ed Solomon English Drama
L'Homme qui Rit 2012 Jean-Pierre Améris French Drama
L'homme qui voulait vivre sa vie 2010 Eric Lartigau French Drama
Libero 2006 Kim Rossi Stuart Italian Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Life & Debt 2001 Stephanie Black English Documentary|World Cinema
Life in a Day 2011 Kevin Macdonald English Documentary
Life Partners 2013 Susanna Fogel English Comedy|GLBT|Romance
Life with Murder 2009 John Kastner English Documentary
Life, Above All 2010 Oliver Schmitz Pedi Drama
Lightning in a Bottle 2004 Antoine Fuqua English Documentary
Like Dandelion Dust 2009 Jon Gunn English Drama
Like Father, Like Son 2013 Hirokazu Kore-Eda Japanese Drama
L'Intouchable (The Untouchable) 2006 Benoit Jacquot English, French Drama|World Cinema
L'Italien 2009 Olivier Baroux Français Comedy
Little Accidents 2014 Sara Colangelo English Drama
Little Men 2015 Ira Sachs English Drama
Loft 2008 Erik Van Looy Flemish Drama|Thriller
London River 2009 Rachid Bouchareb English, French, Arabic Drama|World Cinema
Looking for Leonard 2002 Matt Bissonnette English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Loose Cannons 2010 Ferzan Ozpetek Italian Comedy|Drama
Loose Women 1997 Paul F. Bernard English Drama
Loren Cass 2009 Chris Fuller English Drama
Lost Journey 2010 Ant Horasanli English Canadian|Drama
Lost Keaton: Sixteen Comedy Shorts 1934-37 1934 Charles Lamont, Mack Sennett Silent Comedy
Lost Song 2008 Rodrigue Jean French with English subtitles Drama
Louder Than Words 2013 Anthony Fabian English Drama
Love & Friendship 2015 Whit Stillman English Comedy|Drama
Love & Savagery 2009 John N. Smith English Drama
Love for Sale 2006 Karim Ainouz Portugese Drama|World Cinema
Love Is All You Need 2012 Susanne Bier English Comedy|Drama
Love is Strange 2014 Ira Sachs English Drama|GLBT
Love is the Perfect Crime 2014 Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu French Drama|Thriller
Love Liza 2002 Todd Louiso English Drama
Love My Life 2006 Koji Kawano Japanese Drama|GLBT
Love Shack 2010 Gregg Sacon, Michael B. Silver English Comedy
Love That Boy 2003 Andrea Dorfman English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Love the Beast 2009 Eric Bana English Documentary
Love, Marilyn 2012 Liz Garbus English Documentary
Loveless 2017 Andrey Zvyagintsev Russian Drama
Lovely Molly 2011 Eduardo Sánchez English Thriller
Lovesong 2015 So Yong Kim English Drama
Loving Annabelle 2006 Katherine Brooks English GLBT
Loving Vincent 2017 Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman English Animated|Biography|Drama
Lucid 2005 Sean Garrity English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Lucky Them 2013 Megan Griffiths English Comedy|Drama
Lust for Power (L'Ivresse du pouvoir) 2006 Claude Chabrol French Drama|World Cinema
Macabre 2009 Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto Indonesian Drama|Thriller
Mad Detective 2007 Johnny To, Ka-Fai Wai Cantonese, English Drama
Mad Love 2002 Vincente Aranda Spanish (Castilian) Drama|World Cinema
Maggie's Plan 2015 Rebecca Miller English Comedy
Magic in the Moonlight 2014 Woody Allen English Comedy|Drama|Romance
Malice in Wonderland 2009 Simon Fellows English Comedy|Thriller
Man on Wire 2008 James Marsh English, French Documentary
Man Up 2015 Ben Palmer English Comedy|Romance
Manchester by the Sea 2016 Kenneth Lonergan English Drama
Mandrill 2009 Ernesto Díaz Espinoza Spanish World Cinema
Manglehorn 2014 David Gordon Green English Drama
Maniac 2012 Franck Khalfoun English Thriller
Man's Fear of God 2006 Ozer Kiziltan Turkish Drama|World Cinema
Manufactured Landscapes 2006 Jennifer Baichwal English Canadian|Documentary|Environment
Manufacturing Dissent 2007 Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine English Canadian|Documentary
Mao's Last Dancer 2010 Bruce Beresford English, Mandarin Drama
Marécages (Wetlands) 2011 Guy Édoin French Canadian|Drama
Margarita 2012 Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert English Comedy|Drama
Marion Bridge 2002 Wiebke von Carolsfeld English Canadian|Drama
Marius (La Trilogie Marseillaise) 2013 Daniel Auteuil French Drama
Marjorie Prime 2017 Michael Almereyda English Drama|Sci-Fi
Mark Felt - The Man Who Brought Down The White House 2017 Peter Landesman English Biography|Drama|Thriller
Mary and Max 2009 Adam Elliot English Drama
Masked and Anonymous 2003 Larry Charles English Drama
Maudie 2016 Aisling Walsh English Drama
Maudie Aisling Walsh English Drama
Maxed Out 2006 James D. Scurlock English Documentary
Meditation Park 2017 Mina Shum English, Cantonese, Mandarin Canadian|Drama
Meditation Park 2017 Mina Shum English, Cantonese, Mandarin Canadian|Drama
Mein Kampf 2009 Urs Odermatt German Drama
Menashe 2017 Joshua Z Weinstein Yiddish Drama
Menashe 2016 Joshua Z Weinstein Yiddish Drama
Merchant of Venice 2004 Michael Radford English Drama
Merchants of Doubt 2014 Robert Kenner English Documentary
Meru 2014 Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi English, French Documentary
Mes Stars et Moi 2008 Laetitia Colombani French Comedy
Metropolis 1927 Fritz Lang German Drama|Thriller
MI5 2014 Bharat Nalluri English Action/Adventure|Drama|Thriller
Mia et le Migou 2008 Jacques-Rémy Girerd French World Cinema
Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure 2012 Harold Cronk English Action/Adventure
Midnight in Paris 2011 Woody Allen English Comedy
Midnight Son 2011 Scott Leberecht English Drama|Thriller
Midnight's Children 2012 Deepa Mehta English, with some Hindustani Canadian|Drama
Miles Ahead 2015 Don Cheadle English Biography|Drama
Miss Bala 2011 Gerardo Naranjo Spanish, English Drama|Thriller|World Cinema
Mobile Homes 2017 Vladimir De Fontenay English Drama
Mobile Homes 2017 Vladimir de Fontenay English Drama
Modra 2010 Ingrid Veninger English Drama
Mon petit doigt m'a dit 2005 Pascal Thomas French, English Comedy
Monsieur Ibrahim 2003 François Dupeyron French, Arabic Drama|World Cinema
Moon 2009 Duncan Jones English Drama|Thriller
Mooz-lum 2010 Qasim Basir English Drama
Moscow, Belgium 2008 Christophe Van Rompaey Flemish Comedy
Mostly Sunny 2016 Dilip Mehta English, Hindi Documentary
Mostly Sunny 2015 Dilip Mehta English, Hindi Documentary
Mother 2010 Bong Joon-ho Korean Thriller
Mouth to Mouth 2005 Alison Murray English Canadian|Drama
Moving Malcolm 2003 Benjamin Ratner English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Mr. Right 2008 David Morris, Jacqui Morris English Comedy|GLBT
Mr. Turner 2014 Mike Leigh English Drama|World Cinema
Muffins for Granny 2007 Nadia McLaren English Canadian|Documentary
Mulligans 2008 Chip Hale English Canadian|Drama|GLBT
Mustang 2015 Deniz Gamze Ergüven Turkish Drama|World Cinema
My Afternoons with Marguerite 2010 Jean Becker French Comedy
My Architect: A Son's Journey 2003 Nathaniel Kahn English Documentary
My Art 2016 Laurie Simmons English Comedy|Drama
My Dad Is Into Terrorism 2006 William Karel French Documentary|World Cinema
My Father My Lord 2007 David Volach Hebrew with English subtitles Drama|World Cinema
My Kid Could Paint That 2007 Amir Bar-Lev English Documentary
My Name is Juani (Yo soy la Juani) 2006 Bigas Luna Spanish with English subtitles Drama|World Cinema
My Wife Is An Actress 2001 Yvan Attal French Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Nailed! 2014 Stephen Greene English Comedy|Romance
Narcopolis 2014 Justin Trefgarne English Sci-Fi|Thriller
Natasha 2015 David Bezmozgis English, Russian Drama
Né quelque part 2013 Mohamed Hamidi French, Arabic Drama
Neil Young Journeys 2011 Jonathan Demme English Documentary
Nenette 2010 Nicolas Philibert French Documentary
Neon 2015 Lawrence Johnston English Documentary
Newcastle 2007 Dan Castle English Drama
Niagara Motel 2005 Gary Yates English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Nicholas on Holiday 2014 Laurent Tirard English, French Comedy|Drama
Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film 2010 Andrew Monument English Documentary
Nine Queens 2001 Fabian Bielinsky Spanish (Argentina) Drama|World Cinema
No 2012 Pablo Larraín Spanish Drama
No End In Sight 2007 Charles Ferguson English Documentary
No Impact Man 2009 Laura Gabbert, Justin Schein English Documentary
Normal 2007 Carl Bessai English Canadian|Drama
Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer 2016 Joseph Cedar English Drama
North Face 2008 Philipp Stölzl German, French, Italian with English subtitles Drama
Norwegian Wood 2010 Anh Hung Tran Japanese Drama|World Cinema
Not Another Not Another Movie 2011 David Murphy English Comedy
Not Quite Hollywood 2008 Mark Hartley English Documentary
November 2004 Greg Harrison English Drama
Novitiate 2017 Margaret Betts English Drama
Nuages sur la ville 2009 Simon Galiero French Drama
Nurse.Fighter.Boy 2008 Charles Officer English Drama
Nymph()maniac 2013 Lars von Trier English Drama
Oddball 2015 Stuart McDonald English Action/Adventure
Of Gods And Men 2010 Xavier Beauvois French Drama
Offside 2006 Jafar Panahi Farsi Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
O'Horten 2007 Bent Hamer Norwegian World Cinema
Oliver Sherman 2010 Ryan Redford English Drama
Omar 2013 Hany Abu-Assad Arabic, Hebrew Drama|Thriller
Omar m'a tuer 2011 Roschdy Zem French Drama
Once Upon a Time in the Midlands 2002 Shane Meadows English Comedy|Drama
One Dead Indian 2005 Tim Southam English Canadian|Drama
One Thousand Ropes 2016 Tusi Tamasese Samoan Drama
One Week 2008 Michael McGowan English Canadian
Only Lovers Left Alive 2013 Jim Jarmusch English Drama|Horror|Romance
Open Windows 2013 Nacho Vigalondo Arabic, English, French Action/Adventure|Thriller
Operation Filmmaker 2007 Nina Davenport English, Arabic Documentary|World Cinema
Ordinary World 2014 Lee Kirk English Comedy|Drama
Orgies and the Meaning of Life 2008 Brad T. Gottfred English Drama
Our Little Sister 2014 Hirokazu Koreeda Japanese Drama
Outpost: Black Sun 2012 Steve Barker English Thriller
Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz 2013 Kieran Parker English Thriller
Outrage (Kitano) 2010 Takeshi Kitano Japanese Drama
Pact 2 2014 Dallas Richard Hallam, Patrick Horvath English Horror
Pageant 2008 Ron Davis, Stewart Halpern-Fingerhut English Documentary
Pandemic 2016 John Suits English Action/Adventure
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman: Deluxe Edition 1951 Albert Lewin English Drama
Panique au Village 2009 Vincent Patar/Stéphane Aubier French Animated|Comedy
Paper Moon Affair 2005 David Tamagi English, Cantonese, Japanese Canadian|Drama
Paprika 2006 Satoshi Kon Japanese World Cinema
Paradox 2015 Michael Hurst English Action/Adventure|Drama
Paris Can Wait 2016 Eleanor Coppola English Comedy|Romance
Paris Follies 2014 Marc Fitoussi English, French Comedy
Parsley Days 2000 Andrea Dorfman English Canadian|Drama
Past Perfect 2002 Daniel MacIvor English Canadian|Drama
Paterson 2016 Jim Jarmusch English Comedy|Drama
Pauline & Paulette 2001 Lieven Debrauwer Flemish Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Payback 2011 Jennifer Baichwal English Documentary|World Cinema
Peindre ou faire l'amour (To Paint or Make Love) 2005 Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu French Comedy|World Cinema
Perfect Host 2010 Nick Tomnay English Thriller
Persepolis 2007 Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud French, Persian, English Drama|World Cinema
Personal Shopper 2016 Oliver Assayas English Drama|Thriller
Petals 2008 Beck Peacock English Documentary
Peter and Vandy 2009 Jay DiPietro English Drama
Petropolis 2009 Peter Mettler English Documentary
Picture Day 2012 Kate Melville English Comedy|Drama
Picture Me 2009 Ole Schell and Sara Ziff English Documentary
Pièce Montée 2010 Denys Granier-Deferre French Comedy
Pieta 2012 Ki-duk Kim Korean Drama
Pina 2011 Wim Wenders German Documentary
Planet B-Boy 2007 Benson Lee English Documentary
Please Give 2009 Nicole Holofcener English, French Drama
Poetry 2010 Chang-dong Lee Korean Drama
Poisoned by Polonium 2007 Andrei Nekrasov English, Russian with English subtitles Documentary|World Cinema
POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold 2011 Morgan Spurlock English Documentary
Pour l'amour de Dieu 2011 Micheline Lanctôt French Canadian|Drama
Power Kids 2009 Krissanapong Rachata Thai Thriller
Precious Life 2010 Shlomi Eldar Hebrew, English, Arabic Documentary
Preggoland 2014 Jacob Tierney English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
Premature 2013 Dan Beers English Comedy
Présumé coupable 2011 Vincent Garenq French Drama|Thriller|World Cinema
Prince 2015 Sam de Jong Dutch Action/Adventure|World Cinema
Princess Grace 2014 Olivier Dahan English Drama|Romance
Princess of the Sun 2007 Phillipe Leclerc French (La Reine Soleil) Animated
Project Nim 2011 James Marsh English Documentary
Quarter Life Crisis 2006 Kiran Merchant English Comedy|Drama
Queen of the Sun 2010 Taggart Siegel English Documentary
Quelque chose à te dire 2009 Cécile Telerman French Drama
Quinceanera 2006 Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland English & Spanish Drama|GLBT
Rabies 2010 Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado Hebrew Drama|Thriller
Race to Win 2016 Teddy Smith English, French Drama
Racer And The Jailbird 2017 Michaël R. Roskam French Drama|Thriller
Rachel Getting Married 2008 Jonathan Demme English Comedy
Rambo: First Blood Pt. I 1982 Ted Kotcheff English Action/Adventure
Rams 2015 Grímur Hákonarson Icelandic Drama|World Cinema
Rapt 2009 Lucas Belvaux French Drama
Raze 2013 Josh C. Waller English, French Action/Adventure|Horror
Reality 2012 Matteo Garrone Italian Comedy|Drama
Rebel In The Rye 2017 Danny Strong English Biography|Drama
Rebelle 2011 Kim Nguyen French Canadian|Drama
Rebellion (Lordre et la morale) 2011 Mathieu Kassovitz French Drama
Re-Cut 2010 Fritz Manger English Thriller
Red Army 2015 Gabe Polsky English Documentary|World Cinema
Redbelt 2008 David Mamet English Drama
Renoir 2012 Gilles Bourdos French Drama
Reprise 2006 Joachim Trier III Norwegian Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Requiem 2006 Hans Christian Schmid German Drama|World Cinema
Requiem Pour une Tueuse 2011 Jérôme Le Gris French Thriller
Resolution 819 2008 Giacomo Battiato French Drama
Respiro 2002 Emanuele Crialese Italian Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Restless 2011 Gus Van Sant English Drama
Resurrection County 2008 Matt Zettell English Thriller
Return to Sleepaway Camp 2008 Robert Hiltzik English Thriller
Revenge of the Electric Car 2011 Chris Paine English Documentary
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles 2005 Zang Yimou Mandarin, Japanese Drama|World Cinema
Riding Giants 2004 Stacy Peralta English Documentary
Rio Sex Comedy 2010 Jonathan Nossiter English, French Comedy
Risk 2016 Laura Poitras English, Arabic, Spanish Documentary
Rites of Spring 2011 Padraig Reynolds English Thriller
Rivers Wash Over Me 2009 John G. Young English GLBT
Roads to Koktebel 2003 Boris Khlebnikov & Alexei Popogrebsky Russian Drama|World Cinema
Robot Overlords 2014 Jon Wright English Action/Adventure|Sci-Fi
Robotropolis 2011 Christopher Hatton English Thriller
Romanzo Criminale (Crime Novel) 2005 Michele Placido Italian Drama|World Cinema
Roméo Onze 2011 Ivan Grbovic French Canadian|Drama
Room 237 2012 Rodney Ascher English Documentary
Rubber 2010 Quentin Dupieux English Comedy
Rudo y Cursi 2009 Carlos Cuarón Spanish with English subtitles Comedy
Rust and Bone 2012 Jacques Audiard French Drama
S.O.P. Standard Operating Procedure 2008 Errol Morris English Documentary
Sabah 2005 Ruba Nadda English Canadian|Drama
Sacred Love-Making 2007 Matt Levin English Documentary
Saint Laurent 2014 Bertrand Bonello French Biography|Drama
Sans Rancune! 2008 Yves Anchar French Comedy
Saraband 2003 Ingmar Bergman Swedish, English, German Drama|World Cinema
Saving Face 2004 Alice Wu English, Chinese (Mandarin) Comedy|Drama|GLBT
Sayuri Ichijo: Following Desire 1972 Tatsumi Kumashiro Japanese Drama
Scenes of a Sexual Nature 2005 Ed Blum English Comedy
Score: A Hockey Musical 2010 Michael McGowan English Comedy
Searching for Sugar Man 2011 Malik Bendjelloul English Documentary
Secret Ballot 2001 Babak Payami Farsi (Persian) Comedy|World Cinema
Secret Defence 2008 Philippe Haïm French Thriller
Selon Charlie 2006 Nicole Garcia French, English, German Drama|World Cinema
Senna 2011 Asif Kapadia English Documentary
Sex: How To Do Everything 2008 Andy Devonshire English Documentary
Seymour: An Introduction 2014 Ethan Hawke English Documentary
Shadow Dancer 2012 James Marsh English Thriller
She Hate Me 2004 Spike Lee English Comedy|Drama|GLBT
Shelter Me 2007 Marco S. Puccioni Italian Drama|GLBT
Sherlock Jr./Three Ages 1923 Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline Silent Comedy
Shut Up Little Man 2011 Matthew Bate English Documentary
Shuttle 2008 Edward Anderson English Drama|Thriller
Sick Nurses 2007 Piraphan Laoyont and Thodsapol Siriwiwat Thai World Cinema
Sightseers 2012 Ben Wheatley English Comedy
Silent Waters 2003 Sabiha Sumar Urdu and Punjabi Drama|World Cinema
Simon Killer 2012 Antonio Campos English, French Drama
Since Otar Left 2003 Julie Bertuccelli French, Georgian, Russian Drama|World Cinema
Sketches of Frank Gehry 2005 Sydney Pollack English Documentary
Skiptrace 2016 Renny Harlin Mandarin, English Action/Adventure|Comedy
Sleuth 2007 Kenneth Branagh English Comedy|Drama
Smash His Camera 2010 Leon Gast English Documentary
Smashed 2012 James Ponsoldt English Comedy|Drama
Snowman 2014 Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello English, French Action/Adventure|Documentary
Somersault 2004 Cate Shortland English Drama|World Cinema
Something in the Air 2012 Olivier Assayas French, English, Italian Drama
Son of a Gun 2014 Julius Avery English Drama
Son of Man 2006 Mark Dornford-May English and Xhosa Drama
Son of Saul 2015 László Nemes Hungarian Drama
Son of the Bride 2001 Juan Jose Campanella Spanish (Argentina) Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
Sophie Scholl - The Final Days 2005 Marc Rothemund German Drama|World Cinema
Soul Kitchen 2010 Fatih Akin German , Greek Comedy|Drama
Soul Power 2009 Jeffrey Levy-Hinte English Documentary
Sound of Mumbai 2010 Sarah McCarthy English Documentary
Spare Parts 2015 Sean McNamara English Drama
Spare Parts (Rezervni deli) 2003 Damjan Kozole Slovenian Drama|World Cinema
Special 2006 Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore English Comedy|Drama
Spider Lilies 2006 Zero Chou Mandarin Drama|GLBT
Spooner 2009 Drake Doremus English Comedy|Drama
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring 2003 Ki-duk Kim Korean Drama|World Cinema
Standoff 2015 Adam Alleca English Thriller
Start Walking (Saint Jacques...La Mecque) 2005 Coline Serreau French Comedy|World Cinema
Steam 2007 Kyle Schickner English Drama
Steamboat Bill, Jr.: Ultimate Edition 1928 Charles Reiser English intertitles Comedy
Stella Days 2011 Thaddeus O'Sullivan English Drama
Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview 2011 Paul Sen English Documentary
Still Alice 2014 Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland English Drama
Still Life 2006 Zhang Ke Jia Mandarin Drama|World Cinema
Still Mine 2012 Michael McGowan English Canadian|Drama
Stories We Tell 2012 Sarah Polley English Documentary
Struck by Lightning 2012 Brian Dannelly English Comedy|Drama
Sugar 2008 Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck English Drama
Summer '04 2006 Stefan Krohmer German Drama|World Cinema
Summer Rain 2006 Antonio Banderas Spanish with English subtitles Drama|World Cinema
Sunshine State 2002 John Sayles English Drama
Surveillance 2007 Paul Oremland English Drama|GLBT
Surviving Crooked Lake 2009 Sascha Drews, Ezra Krybus, Matthew Miller English Thriller
Sweet Mud 2006 Dror Shaul Hebrew, French Drama|World Cinema
Swell Season 2011 Nick August-Perna, Chris Dapkins and Carlo Mirabella-Davis English Documentary
Take Every Wave: The Life Of Laird Hamilton 2017 Rory Kennedy English Biography|Documentary
Take Out 2008 Sean Baker & Shih-Ching Tsou English and Chinese
Take Shelter 2011 Jeff Nichols English Drama
Take this Waltz 2011 Sarah Polley English Drama
Taking Root: the Vision of Wangari Maathai 2008 Alan Dater and Lisa Merton English Documentary
Tales from the Golden Age 2009 Cristian Mungiu, Hanno Höfer, Razvan Marculescu, Constantin Popescu and Ioana Uricaru Romanian Comedy|Drama
Talk to Her 2002 Pedro Almodovar Spanish (Castilian) Drama|World Cinema
Tamara Drewe 2010 Stephen Frears English Drama
Teenage Paparazzo 2010 Adrian Grenier English Documentary
Tempest Storm 2015 Nimisha Mukerji English Documentary
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D 1991 James Cameron English Action/Adventure|Sci-Fi|Thriller
Terri 2011 Azazel Jacobs English Comedy
Terribly Happy 2008 Henrik Ruben Genz Danish Drama|Thriller
Terror's Advocate 2007 Barbet Schroeder French, English, German, Arabic Documentary|World Cinema
Testament of Youth 2014 James Kent English Biography|Drama
Tetro 2009 Francis Ford Coppola English Drama
Thanks for Sharing 2012 Stuart Blumberg English Comedy|Drama
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared 2013 Felix Herngren Swedish, English Action/Adventure|Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
The Adderall Diaries 2016 Pamela Romanowsky English, French Action/Adventure|Drama|Thriller
The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box 2013 Jonathan Newman English Action/Adventure
The Age of Stupid 2009 Franny Armstrong English Documentary|Drama
The American Ruling Class 2005 John Kirby English Documentary
The Animal Project 2013 Ingrid Veninger English Comedy|Drama|Romance
The Answer is You 2009 Mikki Willis English Documentary
The Answer Man 2009 John Hindman English Comedy
The Armstrong Lie 2013 Alex Gibney English Documentary
The Assassin Next Door 2009 Danny Lerner English, Hebrew, Russian Thriller
The Assignment 2016 Walter Hill English, French Action/Adventure|Thriller
The Backyard 2009 Carlos Carrera Spanish, Tzotzil, English Drama|Thriller
The Bad Batch 2016 Ana Lily Amirpour English Romance|Sci-Fi
The Baker 2007 Gareth Lewis English Comedy
The Band's Visit 2007 Eran Kolirin Arabic, English, Hebrew Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
The Beautiful Country 2004 Hans Petter Moland English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese Drama|World Cinema
The Best Offer 2013 Giuseppe Tornatore English Drama
The Big Fix 2011 Joshua Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell English Documentary|Environment
The Black Pirate: Deluxe Edition 1926 Albert Parker Silent Drama
The Blue Room 2014 Mathieu Amalric French Thriller
The Bothersome Man 2006 Jens Lien Norwegian Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
The Boy and the Beast 2014 Mamoru Hosoda Japanese Action/Adventure|Animated
The Brass Teapot 2013 Ramaa Mosley English Comedy|Thriller
The Bronze 2015 Bryan Buckley English Comedy
The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography 2016 Errol Morris English Documentary
The Cabin Movie 2005 Dylan Akio Smith English Canadian|Comedy|Drama
The Call Up 2016 Charles Barker English, French Action/Adventure|Sci-Fi
The Canyon 2009 Richard Harrah English Thriller
The Canyons 2013 Paul Schrader English Thriller
The Cemetery Club 2006 Tali Shemesh Hebrew, Polish Documentary|World Cinema
The Children of Huang Shi 2008 Roger Spottiswoode English Drama|World Cinema
The Class (Entre les Murs) 2008 Laurent Cantet French Drama
The Clean Bin Project 2010 Grant Baldwin English Documentary
The Comedian 2016 Taylor Hackford English, French Comedy
The Company 2003 Robert Altman English Drama
The Constance Talmadge Double Feature: Her Night of Romance/Her Sister from Paris 2010 Sidney Franklin English Drama
The Counterfeiters 2007 Stefan Ruzowitzky German Drama|World Cinema
The Countess 2009 Julie Delpy English Drama
The Cuckoo 2002 Aleksandr Rogozhkin Russian, Finnish Saami Comedy|Drama|World Cinema
The Damned 2013 Victor García English Horror
The Damned United 2009 Tom Hooper English Drama
The Daughter 2014 Simon Stone English Drama
The Daughter 2014 Simon Stone English Drama
The Day I wasn't Born 2010 Florian Micoud Cossen German, Spanish Drama
The Deep Blue Sea 2011 Terence Davies English Drama
The Den 2013 Zachary Donohue English Horror
The Devil & Daniel Johnston 2005 Jeff Feuerzeig English Documentary
The Devil Came on Horseback 2007 Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg English Documentary|World Cinema
The Devil's Hand 2014 Christian E. Christiansen English Horror
The Diary of a Teenage Girl 2014 Marielle Heller English Drama
The Dignity of the Nobodies 2005 Fernando E. Solanas Spanish Documentary|World Cinema
The Dinosaur Project 2012 Sid Bennett English Drama|Thriller
The Door 2009 Anno Saul German Thriller
The Dry Land 2010 Ryan Piers Williams English, Spanish Drama
The Duke of Burgundy 2014 Peter Strickland English Drama|Thriller
The Dying Gaul 2005 Craig Lucas English Drama
The Eagle Huntress 2016 Otto Bell Kazakh Documentary
The Eclipse 2009 Conor McPherson English Drama
The Education of a Fairy 2006 José Luis Cuerda Spanish, French Drama|World Cinema
The End of Silence 2005 Anita Doron English Canadian|Drama
The End of the Line 2009 Rupert Murray English Documentary
The End of Time 2012 Peter Mettler English Documentary
The Entrance 2006 Damon Vignale English Canadian|Drama
The Exploding Girl 2009 Bradley Rust Gray English Drama
The Face of Love 2013 Arie Posin English Comedy|Drama|Romance
The Father of my Children 2009 Mia Hansen-Love French with English subtitles Drama
The Films of Nikita Mikalkov: Vol. 1 1976 Nikita Mikhalkov Various World Cinema
The First Monday In May 2015 Andrew Rossi English, French Documentary|Drama
The Fits 2015 Anna Rose Holmer English, French
The Fog of War 2003 Errol Morris English Documentary
The Forbidden Room 2014 Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson English Canadian
The Forbidden Room 2014 Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson English Canadian
The Forgiveness of Blood 2011 Joshua Marston Albanian Drama
The Forgotten Woman 2008 Dilip Mehta Bengali, Hindi, English Canadian|Documentary
The Future 2011 Miranda July English Drama
The Gatekeepers 2012 Dror Moreh Hebrew, English Documentary
The Gates 2008 Albert Maysles, Antonio Ferrera English Documentary
The General 1926 Buster Keaton English Comedy
The Girl on the Train 2009 André Téchiné French with English subtitles (La Fille du RER) Drama
The Girlfriend Experience 2009 Steven Soderbergh English Drama
The Good Heart 2009 Dagur Kári English Drama
The Gracefield Incident 2017 Mathieu Ratthe English, French Action/Adventure|Horror
The Great Beauty 2013 Paolo Sorrentino Italian Comedy|Drama
The Great Happiness Space 2006 Jake Clennell Japanese Documentary|World Cinema
The Green Prince 2014 Nadav Schirman English, Hebrew Documentary
The Greening of Whitney Brown 2011 Peter Skillman Odiorne English Drama
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The Rehearsal 2016 Alison Maclean English Drama
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U 2006 Grégoire Solotareff & Serge Elissalde French World Cinema
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Village des Ombres 2010 Fouad Benhammou French, German, Spanish Thriller
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Vision 2009 Margarethe von Trotta German, Latin Drama
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White Irish Drinkers 2010 John Gray English Drama
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Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everybody Talkin' About Him)? 2010 John Scheinfeld English Documentary
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X 2011 Jon Hewitt English Drama
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Yes 2004 Sally Potter English Drama|World Cinema
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Young & Beautiful 2013 Francois Ozon French Drama
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Your Sister's Sister 2011 Lynn Shelton English Comedy|Drama
Youth Without Youth 2007 Francis Ford Coppola English Drama|World Cinema
Zelary 2003 Ondrej Trojan Czech, Russian, German Drama|World Cinema
Zhou Yu's Train 2002 Zhou Sun Chinese (Mandarin) Drama|World Cinema
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